Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Edmonton

You might have been advised to settle your personal injury claim to avoid the complexity of Alberta’s injury laws and regulations. However, you don’t have to struggle through the intricacy of the settlement on your own. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer will provide you with the knowledge you need to claim your rightful compensation.

For 30 years, James H. Brown and Associates have helped personal injury victims in Edmonton, Grand Prairie, Fort Mac and across the province to attain justice. Read on to learn why James H. Brown and Associates are the right law firm for your injury claim.

Experience In Alberta

James H. Brown and Associates have a professional legal team who has specific areas of expertise, including personal injury claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents, bus accidents, farm equipment accidents, etc. Our lawyers have mainly dealt with numerous personal injury victims in Alberta, with a proven record of success in attaining fair compensation. We proudly provide a range of services and support for our clients, including:

  • Investigation Services
  • Evidence Preservation Services
  • Accident Reconstruction Services
  • And More!

With over 250 years of combined experience in personal injury cases and successfully settling claims, we are highly familiar with all the legal requirements of Alberta’s injury law.

Secure Your Compensation BEFORE Paying

Most personal injury victims are burdened with a long and painful recovery journey, with endless healthcare bills and prescription costs. We understand the financial challenges you or your loved one is experiencing. Our experienced lawyers only make money when our clients secure complete settlements for their injuries. Yes, we only get paid when your settlement claim is successful.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a personal injury, you are already overwhelmed with healthcare bills, doctor’s checkups and medications – the last thing you need on your plate is extra expenses. James H. Brown and Associates will help you navigate your insurance settlement and secure rightful compensation.

Proven Results

Throughout our years of experience, James H. Brown and Associates have helped personal injury victims and their families attain their rightful compensation with award-winning injury law services. Our team is committed to providing you with the legal advice to secure the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Reach Out Today

The more you wait to decide, the more you pile up on bills and costs that you should not be held responsible for. James H. Brown and Associates’ personal injury lawyers are ready to speak to you today. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer and schedule a free injury claim evaluation with James H. Brown and Associates.

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