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James H. Brown’s commitment to seriously injured persons and their families comes from firsthand experience. He knows what it’s like to spend a year in a wheelchair and to suffer a life changing injury in a serious car accident. A rare hip ailment at age 7 left Brown bedridden for a year and confined to a wheelchair for another year. Brown went on to excel in sports and was a member of the 1963 Memorial Cup Champion Edmonton Oil Kings hockey team. His dream of a professional hockey career came to an end when, at age 19, he suffered a broken neck in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Brown’s struggle back to health taught him how much a devastating injury can affect someone’s life. He has never forgotten this experience and credits it with being the driving force behind his successful injury law firm James H. Brown & Associates.

James H. Brown Personal Injury Lawyer

James H. Brown

B.Comm., LL.B (780) 428-0088 jhb@jameshbrown.com
Trent Brown photo

Trent Brown

LL.B. (780) 401-2700 tbrown@jameshbrown.com
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David A. Huculak

B.A., LL.B. (780) 401-2703 dhuculak@jameshbrown.com
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James P. O'Neill

B.Comm., LL.B. (780) 401-2707 joneill@jameshbrown.com
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Alan P. Brackett

B.A., LL.B. (780) 428-0088 abrackett@jameshbrown.com
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Terrence M. Kulasa

B.A., LL.B. (780) 401-2708 tkulasa@jameshbrown.com
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Richard J. Mallett

LL.B. 780-401-2704 rmallett@jameshbrown.com
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Lee J. Rusinko

B.A., LL.B. (780) 401-2701 lrusinko@jameshbrown.com
Michael Hoosein Headshot

Michael N. Hoosein

LL.B.,LL.M. (780) 401-2722 mhoosein@jameshbrown.com

David Sowemimo

B.A.(ADV.), J.D. (780) 392-9692 dsowemimo@jameshbrown.com
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Kamila Surkont

B.Sc. (Hons.), J.D. (780) 401-2710 ksurkont@jameshbrown.com
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Andrew Canniff

B.A., J.D. (780) 428-0088 acanniff@jameshbrown.com

August Locke

BASc. (Hons.), J.D. (780) 401-2723 alocke@jameshbrown.com

Nicole Keeler

B.Sc., J.D. (780) 392-7820 nkeeler@jameshbrown.com

John Lee

B.A., J.D. (780) 428-0971 jlee@jameshbrown.com

Victoria Courneya

B.A., J.D (780) 428-0088 vcourneya@jameshbrown.com

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