Volvo Class Action

James H. Brown and Associates is investigating a class action lawsuit on behalf of individuals who have been impacted by a Volvo Canada recall related to seat belt safety.

The recall relates to 2007 – 2018 S60, V60, S80, XC60, XC70 and V70 vehicles. Volvo has identified an issue with potential breakage/fatigue of the steel cable on the outside of the front seats connected to the front seat belts. Fatigue to the cable could lead to insufficient cable strength to support seat belt function during crash and could result in reduced or no seat belt restraint function.

Ways that somebody may have been impacted by this recall include:

  • Injury
  • Death
  • Loss of use of vehicle
  • Cost of renting vehicle while waiting for a repair to be done
James H. Brown and Associates has experience with vehicle recall based class actions lawsuits including the Volkswagen Emissions case. You can trust in the experience of James H. Brown and Associates class action lawyers.If you have one of the Volvo vehicles subject to the recall, or know somebody who has, please contact the class action lawyers at James H. Brown and Associates at the form below or at (780) 428-0088.


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