Experienced Injury Lawyer in Edmonton

Experiencing a car accident is always stressful, especially if you or your loved one has suffered a personal injury from the accident. Not only does a car accident cause severe damage to the vehicle, but it can also result in serious physical injuries that could leave you with hefty medical bills. If you or your loved one are suffering from traumatic injuries caused by a car accident, you need to start looking for legal help. You have the legal right to pursue compensation for your injuries and damages caused by a car accident. If you’re wondering if it’s worth hiring an injury lawyer in Edmonton, you’ll find the answer in our guide below! 

Focus On Recovery

Recovering from a car accident is often a long and tiresome road; you don’t need to add the responsibility of filing a legal claim on top of it. If you or your loved one is suffering from a personal injury caused by a car accident, you need to spend your time on recovery. When hiring an injury lawyer, you give yourself the opportunity to focus on your well-being and recovery while entrusting an experienced injury lawyer to fight for your legal right. Rather than spending time and effort going through the legal process of filing a car accident claim, you can prioritize your health and focus on your road to recovery.

Professional Negotiation

Filing an insurance claim is a highly complex task, especially if you have sustained damage to your property or your health. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not care about whether you receive your rightful compensation – they only care about reducing costs and making a profit. If you were to file the insurance claim without a lawyer, you not only run the risk of making errors while filing the claim, you might be given compensation much lower than what you deserve. Injury lawyers at James H. Brown and Associates can help you obtain your rightful compensation as they have more than 250 years of combined experience in personal injury law.

Accurate Documentation

Not only does the proper documentation play a significant role in the strength of your claim, but you must also make sure to present the correct legal documents for your claim. For instance, when filing a claim for a car accident in Edmonton, you must abide by the legal proceedings of injury law in Alberta. Hiring an injury lawyer in Edmonton will ensure that all your documents are complete and all your legal paperwork is up to date. While you focus on your well-being, our lawyers will gather all the necessary documents that will help strengthen your case, such as witness statements, police reports, dashcam videos etc.

Trial Experience 

It is not uncommon for personal injury cases to go to court, which is why, when hiring an injury lawyer in Edmonton, you must make sure that they have trial experience in Alberta. Unlike many other personal injury law firms, James H. Brown and Associates have a proven record of success where our lawyers achieved rightful settlements for our clients, even when their cases went to trial. We are proud to have represented many clients throughout Alberta and provided them and their families with the justice they deserve. 

James H. Brown Will Help You Attain The Justice You Deserve

Contact James H. Brown and Associates to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation claim. As soon as you contact us, our lawyers will be prepared to meet with you right away and discuss all your legal options. Whether you would like to meet in person, over the phone or even via web conference, our lawyers are always available. Don’t fight the battle on your own; call James H. Brown and Associates today.

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