What To Do If You’ve Been in a Hit and Run Accident In Alberta

An accident where a driver collides with you and leaves the scene is referred to as a hit and run accident in Alberta. Hit and run accidents in Alberta are unfortunately quite common. A motor vehicle accident can be a life-altering and traumatic event, it can be even more terrifying when the other driver flees the scene. It may leave you with questions about how you can take care of yourself and your family going forward. It’s a frequent concern expressed by victims of a hit and runs, they worry that they may not be able to recover any form of compensation given that they cant identify the driver and by extension their insurer. While hit and runs can be quite terrifying, you should rest assured that all is not lost when you are the victim of these sorts of incidents.

Hit and Run Accident In Alberta: “The Fund”

In Alberta victims of hit and run accidents that are injured can make a claim for their injuries through something called the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act. The act creates the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund or “The Fund” for short. The Fund provides a pool of up to $200, 000.00 from which injured victims in Alberta Hit and Run Accidents can recover from. The Fund will defend for the purposes of the legal action and lawyers for The Fund may wish to question you as to the details of the accident or the extent of your injuries.

It is notable however that $200, 000.00 is the limit for all victims of the accident. If the $200, 000.00 limit is hit then each victim would take a proportionate share of the money.

Hit and Run Accident in Alberta: SEF-44 Endorsements

An additional avenue that can be considered by victims a of hit and run accident in Alberta is called an SEF-44 Family Protection Endorsement. This is additional protection that you can add to your auto insurance policy in exchange for paying a little extra. The SEF-44 Family Protection Endorsement kicks in to allow you to recover where your claim exceeds the limits available to you, in this case, that would be the limit of $200, 000.00 held by the fund. Your insurer likewise will defend where the SEF-44 is sued on to recover additional compensation. Lawyers representing your insurer may likewise wish to question you in relation to the accident.

The SEF-44 Endorsement protects you, your spouse while living in the same premises as you, and certain dependents as defined by the policy.

Hit and Run Accident in Alberta: Free Consultation

Hit and Runs in Alberta are fairly common occurrences, but drivers on Albertan roads should rest assured that they have options to recover from their injuries. When you have been injured in a Hit and Run accident, call Alberta’s precedent-setting lawyers. The Lawyers at James H. Brown & Associates know the ins and outs of claiming against The Fund and against SEF-44 insurers. We are eager to fight for you to ensure that you get the compensation you need to take care of your necessities of life. Do not fret! Call our team today for your free consultation!

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