Resilience and Recovery: Kiley Geddie’s Success Story with James H. Brown

Every year, James H. Brown and Associates proudly represents victims of spinal cord injuries, ensuring they and their families receive justice, closure, and the compensation they need to move forward.

When we first meet accident victims and their families, it’s all too common for them to feel overcome by emotion, not to mention completely overwhelmed by the road ahead. Spinal cord injuries are serious, life-altering events; it’s nearly impossible to know what to do next on your own.

However, with 250 years of combined injury law experience, James H. Brown and Associates is here to tell you that justice is attainable. Our team has witnessed it firsthand; today, we’re proud to share Kiley Geddie’s story of resilience and recovery.

Kiley Geddie didn’t know his life was going to change forever on January 17, 2005, when he hit the road with close friends to visit Radium Hot Springs. What was supposed to be a nice, relaxing vacation quickly took a turn when they lost control of their vehicle after hitting ice on the highway. The resulting accident caused the car to roll five times before coming to a rest. During the second roll, Kiley heard a loud snap and immediately knew something was wrong.

Kiley’s mother called James H. Brown and Associates around 2 a.m. from the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary. Her son had suffered a broken neck, fractured vertebrae, and a severed spinal cord. Trent and James H. Brown flew down to Calgary that night to visit the Geddie family in the ICU.

After ensuring that Kiley and his family had the care and support they needed, the Browns got to work immediately. They knew that they were going up against a multinational insurer who would be reluctant to provide complete compensation for Kiley’s injuries.

“He really had no chance on his own,” recalls Trent Brown, Managing Partner for James H. Brown and Associates. “He couldn’t even breathe on his own when I first met him. He couldn’t speak to me.”

James H. Brown and Associates’ experienced team knew that accident reconstruction would be critical to Geddie’s case. Working closely with engineers, analysts, and other specialists, they were able to determine the precise cause of Kiley’s spinal cord injuries, as well as the long-term implications the injuries would have for the Geddie family’s day-to-day life. The James H. Brown and Associates team worked tirelessly to construct a rock-solid case to ensure that Kiley and his family’s new needs would be completely taken care of.

After an intense legal battle, James H. Brown and Associates helped the Geddie family achieve a successful resolution, complete with a comprehensive settlement that allowed Kiley and his family to pursue a life with freedom and independence. Today, Kiley devotes his time towards numerous injury prevention programs including P.A.R.T.Y., Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth.

“[They] gave me the peace of mind of knowing somebody had my back,” Geddie recalls. “[I was] treated like family since the day I met them.”

Spinal Cord Injury Law with James H. Brown and Associates

Since 1993, James H. Brown and Associates have proudly supported spinal cord injury victims, helping them and their families attain closure and complete compensation for their injuries. Our experienced team understands firsthand the toll a serious injury can take, are ready to help you every step of the way on the road to justice and recovery.

With over 250 years of combined injury law experience, we’ve learned that no two accidents are alike. That’s why we provide a complete range of services and support for our clients, including:

  • An experienced team of injury lawyers with an unrivalled record of success.
  • Investigation and evidence preservation services, including accident reconstruction.
  • Strong relationships with organizations ready to assist with rehabilitation and recovery.
  • And much more!

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